B.L.I.S. on vacation!

March 11, 2010

Dear B.L.I.S. Readers,

I want to thank you for all the continued love and support. As things with B.L.I.S. only get better, things in my personal life are following suit. My family will soon be blessed with another member (yes, I’m pregnant, preggers, prego, front fashioned challenged and all that is in between).

While I am very excited, keeping up with the demands of shopping, going out to events, and trying new “styles” are now all subject to the health of my little one. I am taking the month of March and April to get adjusted and then I will return in May with great prizes, contests, and tidbits. Thank you, again,  for your continued understanding and support. Please continue to enjoy the past issues of B.L.I.S. in the meantime!

See you in the Spring!

Remember to always live B.L.I.S.fully,

Danielle A. Lennon

Author and Founder of B.L.I.S.